Who Gets to Tag Along? Judging the Dr’s Companions to Ride the Tardis

Posted By fangaea on Apr 3, 2024

Who gets to tag along? Judging the Dr’s companions to ride the Tardis


An interactive panel discussion about the Doctor’s Companions. We will have an open conversation about the importance of the Companions in the Doctor Who Universe, which are good and which ones are not that good.

The panel will focus more on the “Modern Who Era,” but will also mention notable Companions from the “Classic Who Era.”

Join the conversation and advocate for your favorite Companion or against your least favorite Companion.


Panelist: Gerald A. Rivera

Originally from Puerto Rico, Gerald came to California as an Instructor for Health Specialties focusing on Public Health policies. Besides teaching,  he has also worked in clinical research with a focus on Diabetes management. In his spare time, he’s a dedicated aficionado of sci-fi, particularly passionate about the British television series, Doctor Who: spending time running along with the different incarnations of the Doctor while watching the show, reading his adventure books, or listening to the Doctor’s audio dramas.


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