Minecraft Meetup

Minecraft Meetup


Minecraft let’s-play watchers unite! Are you a fan of Hermitcraft, QSMP, Empires, DreamSMP, and other minecraft stream-based content?

Do you have a cosplay that’s been waiting to see the light, or a strange, burning desire to discuss lore?

Do you have some obscure minecraft-based series or fan work that you wish everyone knew about?

Then this is the meetup for you! Join us poolside to chat with fellow fans and share your head-canons, creative works, and love for the silly block people.


The Minecraft Meetup will be from 1:00pm to 2:30pm at the Sheraton poolside!


Lorelei Esther bio

Lorelei Marcus, the youngest Hugo Finalist ever, started her comic career at age nine with the famous BlueBird (inspiration for the DC character of the same name). She has illustrated three books in The Kitra Saga and is the staff artist for Journey Press. 

An accomplished singer/songwriter, she is also a writer: her articles frequently appear on 5x Hugo-Finalist Galactic Journey, and she has done two introductions for the Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women series. Lorelei hopes to leave an impression on the world by educating and inspiring fellow creators, particularly those who, like her, are overcoming profound disabilities.