Our Team

Dennis-Michael Broussard
  • Awesomeness 100%
  • Being a Fake Nerd 50%
  • Despising Nicolas Cage with the white hot intensity of 10,000 suns 100%
  • A very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. 100%

Dennis-Michael Broussard

Director of Awesome

Dennis-Michael Broussard is a self-proclaimed awesome guy.  He is the founder of Silk Road Productions, a pretty awesome event production and management organization that has created a ton of awesome events and has been hired to produce events for some pretty awesome organizations, like the San Diego County Fair, SeaWorld, and the San Diego Padres.  In addition to Fangaea, Dennis-Michael and the Silk Road team created the Asian Cultural Festival of San Diego, the San Diego Ramen Festival, and a lot of other awesome stuff.  He also spends a lot of time volunteering and doing humanitarian missions in impoverished and developing parts of the world. He also overuses the word “awesome.”

Charlie Bennett
  • (Fictional) Villain Apologism 50%
  • Energy spent on trying to look professional 25%
  • Remaining budget for nerd stuff 25%
  • Love for Kabuto Yakushi 100%

Charlie Bennett

Fighting Dreamer

With almost a decade in hosting local cosplay gatherings and working at various conventions and even more time under their belt attending said events, Charlie is well-versed in nerd fandom and the wants and needs of various con attendees. In their free time, they enjoy cosplaying, gaming, making music, and chasing after shinies in Pokemon Go.

They have been part of Fangaea since the first year of the event and eager as always to be part of the team! At the con, you’ll most likely be able to find them bouncing between the two Dynamic Rooms.


Alicia Ricafrente
  • Marathon Eater 97%
  • Dr Who Companion 79%
  • Singing Broadway Musicals 84%
  • Disney Movie Specialist 70%

Alicia Ricafrente

Food Loving Chibi

Pro at multi-tasking, coming in 2 inches shy of 5 feet, this small but mighty lady is a marathon eater and will finish off what you can’t eat. Fighting and creating dialogue on social justice issues on the side, she can be found at most community events with Silk Road Productions. You can say that there will be some people who consider has as a real life Dr Who Companion due to weird things happening around her a lot, creating those, you have to be there to believe it moments. Ignoring her klutziness, if she’s not taking pictures with her phone or camera, with music & food to power her up, she will be nearby to solve most issues that arise at an event and help make the rest of the do go smoothly as possible.

Lucia Tilton
  • Logistics Handler 100%
  • Chocolate Taster 100%
  • Cosplay Maven 80%
  • Capoeirista 50%

Lucia Tilton

Little Pony Herder

As a special events consultant, Lucia Tilton is constantly making sure your world runs smoothly, and more importantly, that you are having the best time ever! As Fangaea’s marketing and program director, her diverse background includes art gallery event management, television public relations and engagement, corporate conference creation and execution, and athletic annual workshops, to name a few. Lucia loves volunteering as a docent at the Timken Museum of art in Balboa Park, eating all the types of chocolate ever created on the planet Earth, and cosplaying, preferably in purple or black.

Rosa Sanchez (Yuzu)
  • Bitter 50%
  • Sweet 50%
  • Fruity 100%
  • Tooty 7%

Rosa Sanchez (Yuzu)

Faerie of Frill

Rosa Sanchez, also known as Yuzu, is head maid of San Diego’s longest running maid cafe, Mochi Cafe. On the weekdays she works as a costume designer and seamstress and on the weekends she dresses as a maid to bring colorful jpop performances all around SoCal.

In collaboration with Fangaea and Mochi Cafe, Yuzu and her army of maids are dedicated to bring the Akihabara maid cafe experience to the convention hallways of Fangaea 2022. Stop by the maid cafe to see what Mochi’s maid and butlers are dishing out!

Natasha Gemine
  • Creativity 100%
  • Sleep 100%
  • Resistance to Cold Temperatures 10%
  • Super Special Bonus Deadline Power Up 100%

Natasha Gemine

Chief Drawing Person

Lost on an Island in the middle of the Pacific, Natasha sends most of her finished creative works by bottle in the hopes that they’ll eventually reach the sunny shores of San Diego. With a pencil in her hand and a dream in her heart, her mission is to spread beauty throughout the event world through the power of love and creation. As the Chief Designer and Illustrator of the Silk Road Productions Team it is her sacred duty to ensure that everything she creates looks its very best just from a mere single glance to give the absolute best first impression. Kind of like the clothes you wear to a job interview. The one time where you actually looked like you cared about your appearance before revealing your true self. …Which is hopefully fun just like this event.

Mickey Lyle
  • Nerdiness 87%
  • Geekiness 99%
  • Stability 33%
  • Resistance to Hunger 2%

Mickey Lyle

Master of Being So Fine

Exiled from the wintry north at a young age for a dissenting opinion of the established power structure, Mickey has roamed the golden lands hungry for knowledge and opportunity. Already a jack of all trades as a result of his travels, Mickey currently trains in the darker arts of technomancy in secret circles in the area.

Chris Ang (OnlyChrisAng)
  • Major Record Label Signing 88%
  • Dead by Daylight Survival Rate 65%
  • Prefers Anime Over Manga 15%
  • Reason to Remember the Name 100%

Chris Ang (OnlyChrisAng)

Disney’s King Of Fools

Chris Ang is a jack of all trades, simply due to the fact that life kept crashing waves upon him in different directions until he found footing as a rapper/singer/songwriter known as OnlyChrisAng. A proud Pinoy with a penchant for performing, he helped kickstart the K-pop Random Play Dances you will see seasonally around Balboa Park and MC as well as co-founding and co-hosting the weekly Emo Karaoke events in San Diego under the banner Emo Talent Collective.

Before pursuing a career in music that he will inevitably succeed at, Chris aspired to be a filmmaker, writing, directing and acting, that of which will manifest when you see him on the big screen when he portrays Quasimodo in Disney’s live action adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Damme (this is not factual as of yet but Chris is a dreamer and will make damn sure it happens).

Chris recently released his single “Ugly” in March 2022 that has gone on to be played on the local radio station, 91X. Catch his next release “Hourglass” in late May.