Fangaea Cosplay Contest

Fangaea Cosplay Contest


If you’re coming to Fangaea in costume, then join us on Saturday, April 20, 2024, at 5:00 pm for the Fangaea Cosplay Contest!

There will be special prizes for everyone who participates and an awesome prize for the WINNER of the 4th Annual Fangaea Cosplay Contest!  If you want to ENTER the Costume Contest, registration open now! 





HylianCream is a Master level craftsmanship and performance focused cosplayer from SoCal. Competing since high school, she has years of competition experience, including numerous awards for her costume craftsmanship & skit performances.

Besides competing in her hand crafted cosplays, she is a freelance seamstress & sewing educator.

Arron Bowman

Arron Bowman is a San Diego native who started cosplaying in 2011 and started competing in 2015. Since then, he has won over half a dozen awards, holds a BA in Theater Design, and has had his work featured in the Comic Con Museum.

Arron loves to learn new cosplay and crafting techniques as well as share his expertise with others.

Kira Masquerade

Kira Masquerade enjoys creating large props and armor using a variety of materials including foam, Worbla, Thibra, and even materials you wouldn’t think of utilizing.

Kira has been cosplaying since 2013, started competing in 2014, and has since won several awards including Best in Class Masters at AX 2019, Best in Show at AX 2022, and becoming WCS Team USA 2024 with her cosplay partner Ari as Kirari Cosplay.

She is the proud parent of two furbabies, a chocolate and coffee addict, and full time fangirl from Southern California.


Cosplay Contest Prize Sponsor


Prizes for the Cosplay Contest are sponsored by ARDA WIGS!

When my wife and I started our company, it was with the goal of providing the cosplay community with the kind of high quality wigs we wanted to use for our own costumes. As we grew, our focus and philosophy came to include so much more. Our company is comprised of ten hard-working people and Arda is just as much about our employees and our community as it is about our product, and how we treat all of them is important to us.

Visit their website to learn more!



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