Posted on Mar 26, 2018


Entertainment and Performances


Fangaea will have a full day of performances that will include bands, cultural acts, comedians, and a big fat range of fun stuff for your entertainment! All performances at Fangaea will be in the Golden Eagle Room and will include martial arts, taiko drums, hip hop, and so much more!

Keep checking back for more updates!  All scheduled programming is subject to change without notice.




  • Valeska De La Torre-Elliott


  • Flautist Acacia


  • G-Moto


  • Genbu Daiko


  • Lorelei Esther


  • Shofukan Kendo Dojo


  • TBA


  • Cosplay Contest


  • TBA


  • SuperNovA





About our Performers



Flautist Acacia

Acacia is a professional flutist with 15 years of experience. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from California State University San Bernardino. Her instruments of choice are the flute, piccolo, and bari saxophone.

She also arranges her own music-consisting mainly of video game and anime themes. Come visit and listen to her play some of anime’s best hits, video game feels, and embrace your inner (and outer) nerd with her!

Follow her at:

Flautist Acacia is performing on Saturday at 11:30am




G-Moto combines the techniques of blowing air into the shinobue (Japanese bamboo flute) while beatboxing at the same time to produce “flute-boxing.” G-Moto incorporates a mixture of sounds influenced by Pop, Hip-Hop, EDM, Anime, and Video Game Music.

G-Moto performs covers and original music ranging from current and classic favorites such as Super Smash Bros., My Hero Academia, League of Legends, the Legend of Zelda, Vocaloid, and the Persona series. G-Moto has performed at various anime conventions such as Anime Expo and at various cultural festivals.

Follow him at:

G-Moto is performing on Saturday at 12:30pm



Genbu Daiko

Genbu Daiko was formed by instructor Noel Garcia, who has been performing and teaching taiko for nearly 20 years. In Japan, he performed with and was an instructor for Uzu Wadaiko in Kyoto for two years. Returning to the U.S. in 2011, he performed with Taiko Center of the Pacific in Honolulu for almost a year before joining the prestigious Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble, performing and assisting with taiko classes there for nearly two years. Noel moved to San Diego in 2014 and has been performing and teaching classes since, and at times working with Unit Souzou of Portland, Or. and various other groups. He brings his years of experience and his passion and dedication to teaching the art of Japanese drumming to students of all ages and levels.

Follow them at:

Genbu Daiko is performing on Saturday at 1:30pm



Lorelei Esther

Performing and songwriting since age 14 at a variety of venues, most recently at Chicon 8 (2022 World Science Fiction Convention)




Lorelei Esther is performing on Saturday at 2:30pm



Shofukan Kendo

We are Shofukan Kendo Dojo, centrally based in La Jolla, California.  Our mission is to promote the very traditional yet unique sport of Kendo, which is one of few martial arts that spars at full speed and full strength with no punches pulled. We are a non-profit club. All volunteer run. 5th Dan All US Kendo Federation instructors. Our members ranges from 6 to 60 years in age.  As a community club, we are open to everyone from beginners to advanced, with no experience necessary.

Check them out at:

Shofukan Kendo is performing on Saturday at 3:30pm




SuperNovA is a San Diego based cosplay cover group. They are a group of friends that have a passion for dance and growing together.

They cover everything J-pop, anime, and K-pop.

Follow them at

SuperNovA is performing on Saturday at 7:30pm



Valeska De La Torre-Elliott

This will be a tribute performance to Selena Quintanilla. Valeska will be performing Selena’s songs in one of her iconic outfits.
Follow her:


Valeska De La Torre-Elliott is performing on Saturday at 10:30am