Chris Ang (OnlyChrisAng)

Posted By fangaea on Jul 8, 2017

Chris Ang is a jack of all trades, simply due to the fact that life kept crashing waves upon him in different directions until he found footing as a rapper/singer/songwriter known as OnlyChrisAng. A proud Pinoy with a penchant for performing, he helped kickstart the K-pop Random Play Dances you will see seasonally around Balboa Park and MC as well as co-founding and co-hosting the weekly Emo Karaoke events in San Diego under the banner Emo Talent Collective.

Before pursuing a career in music that he will inevitably succeed at, Chris aspired to be a filmmaker, writing, directing and acting, that of which will manifest when you see him on the big screen when he portrays Quasimodo in Disney’s live action adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Damme (this is not factual as of yet but Chris is a dreamer and will make damn sure it happens).

Chris recently released his single “Ugly” in March 2022 that has gone on to be played on the local radio station, 91X. Catch his next release “Hourglass” in late May.