A Galaxy Not so Far Away

Posted By fangaea on Jun 21, 2018

A Galaxy Not so Far Away


The San Diego Star Wars Society, veteran hosts at Comic Con International and Star Wars Celebrations, will be hosting a panel on Saturday evening in General Panel Room (Eaton Room).

This panel will discuss Star Wars Filming Locations – where our favorite movies were shot and how to get there. The panel will discuss all of the Star Wars shooting locations, yet the emphasis will be on the shooting locations in California. Please join the SDSWS for our Star Wars Filming Locations panel “A Galaxy Not so Far Away” on Saturday night. A few lucky attendees will even receive a genuine piece of the almighty Sarlacc!

The San Diego Star Wars Society is a Non-Profit charitable and community service organization. We have been celebrating all things regarding the Galaxy far, far away since 2002. We are a family friendly organization and there is no cost to participate.

Visit their website at www.sandiegostarwars.com and follow them on facebook at SanDiegoStarWarsSociety.


Panelists from the Star Wars Society

  • Brendan Prout – SDSWS Co-Founder
  • Felicia Nykaza – SDSWS Officer
  • Sean Berg

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