Cyberbullying and How to Survive the Internet

Posted By fangaea on May 8, 2018

Cyberbullying and How to Survive the Internet


In the 24/7 sphere of the social media microscope, your every move is scrutinized, and whatever you do, it is magnified a thousandfold and sometimes used against you – sometimes used to abuse and hurt you. Can you take the attacks, sometimes personal and sometimes hurtful, that are sure to follow? How do you handle cyberbullying and how do you come back from something like that? How do you handle trolls gracefully without turning into one?  What do you do when people just leave ugly, negative comments on your social media pages?

We discuss recent examples of public figures, their mistakes, and how they handled the results. Then we have an open discussion on how we can learn from these examples in our own lives.



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Panelists discuss past failures and how they've used it to their benefit