Posted By fangaea on May 8, 2018



Afrofuturism has returned to the forefront of discussions in Sci Fi and comic spheres due to a conflation of extraordinary events:

1. Luke Cage broke the internet the weekend the series premiered on Netflix.

2. Black Panther surpasses previous comic book based as well as commercial films in overall box office numbers

3. Black Panther box office breaks records for domestic superhero movies, surpasses titanic, and catches up with Avatar for number of weeks at number one.

4. Nnedi Okorafor, PhD – 1st Black Woman to win coveted best novel Hugo award – takes home the prize for the 3rd year in a row for books from same series.

5. Wakanda Con in Chicago hosted 2,000 attendees at it’s first time fan con in August 2018.

Come hear panelists/professionals/fans share their perspectives on and passions for Afrofuturism in this interactive discussion at a time when at least for now, we aren’t the only ones paying attention.



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Afrofuturism is cool!