Warframe: Science, Fantasy, and Space Ninjas

Posted By fangaea on Apr 3, 2024

Warframe: Science, Fantasy, and Space Ninjas


Join two scientists in discussing the technology, lore, and art design of Warframe, a single and multiplayer online video game where you get to be a space ninja! We will share what our galaxy looks like hundreds of years after humans terraformed Mars and other planets, and we will describe the new player experience for anyone who is interested in starting the game.


Panelists: Alex Brenner and Alyssa Henning

Alex Brenner

Alex has been immersed in the world of military medicine for over a decade. From the battlefield to the operating room, he’s honed my skills in strategic planning, teamwork, and adaptability.

When he’s off-duty, he channels that same energy into Warframe, where he’s logged over 2,200 hours as a seasoned space ninja. Blending his military background with gaming, he offers a unique perspective that marries real-world experience with virtual adventure.


Alyssa Henning

Alyssa is a member of a science education group called Cosplay for Science. She has a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering with a focus on wearable devices.

She has been cosplaying since 2015 and playing Warframe since December 2023. As a baby Tenno (Warframe newbie), she enjoys playing as Mag and using a combo of magnetic powers and a bow and arrow to be a super awesome and stealthy space ninja!



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