The “ARE YOU CULTURED” 18+ Game Show

Posted By fangaea on Mar 14, 2023

The “ARE YOU CULTURED” 18+ Game Show


This will be an audience interactive panel where Kaba, as the host, will be asking random and willing volunteers to take part in a quiz-like game show as he will ask questions about specific “cultured animated media.”

Questions will range from: which character on screen is from cultured anime, which tag has the most submissions, which character has the most fan-art created of them and so on. This will be a 3 round game show where the winners of each round will take part in the final round and find out who will be crowned “The Most Cultured.”

As this panel is 18+, there will be suggestive themes and imagery (fully censored) so viewer and audience discretion is advised. (Note: If “cultured animated media” or “cultured anime” was not clear, it’s hentai. We’re talking about hentai.)





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