Star Trek: The Roleplay!

Posted By fangaea on Apr 3, 2024

Star Trek: the roleplay! A special session of the Federation Council


Host: Gideon Marcus

The Event: A Special Session of the Federation Council.

The Year: 2270

The Agenda: Voting on the admission of three systems into the United Federation of Planets.

How would YOU like to be the ambassador from Vulcan, or Andor, or Alpha Centauri? Now’s your chance to wield REAL POWER as you vote on the applications of a number of planets hopeful to join the Federation. This is a Live Action Roleplay like you’ve never played before. No prior experience required—just be ready for fun and a chance to dive into the TOS-era Trekiverse!

Come at 5:45pm to sign up for any of the five voting factions: Vulcans (logical), Andorians (passionate), Tellarites (argumentative), Orions (entrepreneurial), and Humans (the dudes of the galaxy)!


Gideon Marcus

Serling-winning and five time Hugo Finalist science fiction author Gideon Marcus has just finished Hyvilma, third book in The Kitra Saga.

Founder of Journey Press, an independent publisher focused on unusual and diverse speculative fiction, he runs the award-winning time machine project, Galactic Journey. He is a professional space historian and a lecturer at Cal State University San Marcos.


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