SFF Media Recommendations

Posted By fangaea on Apr 3, 2024

SFF Media Recommendations


SFF media recs (books, movies, music, etc.); Which did you like better? The book or the movie? And why?

From Marvel movies to Seanan McGuire series to AO3 fics, there’s more science fiction and fantasy being produced today than ever before. So much to enjoy—so little time! Let’s recommend our favorite works…in any medium. When it’s all done, we’ll have a giant list, sorted by category, so we can leave the con with a curated selection just for us!


Panelists: Melissa, Beth Gunter, and Andi O’Briant


Melissa Gene Meyer

With over 30 years of working for a variety of conventions, Melissa Gene enjoys sharing her experience and love for conventions with others on her YouTube channel.




Elizabeth Gunter 

A 33 year volunteer staff veteran of San Diego  Comic-Con International, I am privileged to work in the Guest Relations and Volunteer Departments at SDCC and WonderCon.

As an introvert I understand the unique effort it takes to connect and interact with fellow fans.


Andi O’Briant 

This embracer of sci-fi and comic culture uses these stories as a way to imagine a complex set of possibilities both to beware of and to dream and hope for in the future. Being a game designer and working in a comic book store for years and diving deeply into art, costuming, and a passion for creative experiences has led to the creation of this well-rounded, sci-fi ultimate fan. From Star Trek to Marvel Comics to Battlestar Galactica to Back to the Future to Mad Max to Arrival and so much more, there is a mountain of stories and ideas that can get this earthling talking.


Josh Ritter 




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