The Martial Arts of Lightsaber Combat

Posted By fangaea on Mar 14, 2023

The Martial Arts of Lightsaber Combat


We train, teach and compete as martial artists, nerds, and athletes in the emerging world of lightsaber combat! In the Star Wars universe there are 7 different forms of lightsaber combat.

Using this Star Wars lore as our foundation we combine aspects of kendo, wu-shu, European and Asian swordplay, and other arts to create a completely original real life interpretation of these 7 forms. This makes what we teach a true mixed-martial-arts discipline, that we call Saber Martial Arts.

Our mission is to promote and teach lightsaber combat and dueling skills by helping each other learn and grow through acceptance, respect, and a positive attitude.

Join our panelists John Freeman, Jonathan Pena, Dennis Burke, Matthew Dominguez, Ian Kistler, Andre Marquis in this interactive session!


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The Panelists

Dennis Burke

Matthew Dominguez

John Freeman

Ian Kistler

Andre Marquis

Jonathan Pena


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