Pop Culture Jeopardy

Posted By fangaea on Apr 3, 2024

Pop Culture Jeopardy


How well do you know your pop culture trivia? Come challenge other con-goers and see who knows more. Categories range from TV, video games, anime, movies, and more! Join us for a game where trivia meets fun in an unforgettable experience!


Zero and Cat

Zero and Cat, the husband-and-wife duo known as theCATandROBOT, bring over a quarter-century of convention-going experience and a passion for game shows to Fangaea Con!

With nearly ten years of animating conventions across Southern California, they’ve run many different games & panels, but Jeopardy stands out as the fan favorite. Eager to share their love for pop culture and friendly competition, Zero and Cat are thrilled to present their signature Pop Culture Jeopardy at Fangaea Con!


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