Lightsaber Combat Training

Posted By fangaea on Aug 6, 2019



Come try your hand at learning the basic forms of light saber combat, adapted from Asian fight styles, Tae Kwon Do, and European fencing and rapier combat! This non-contact drills and forms class will start every Padawan off on the road to using the force, safely and effectively!



Matthew Eusey

Rebecca and Matthew Eusey have been semi-professionally costuming across many genres for nearly 20 years. Matt and Rebecca helped co-found the Society for Creative Anachronism chapter in the country of Iceland.

They have been panelists at SDCC, Wondercon and across the southwest. They are often found teaching sewing and leatherwork at their home in Chula Vista, CA.

The cosplay and geek culture home for Matt and Rebecca Eusey is BexandRedCosplay. Rebecca is a Royal Guard in the 501st, and has led workshops on persona development, creating costumes on a budget, multicultural steampunk and couples cosplay.

Matt has been recognized for his ability to clearly explain complex topics. He’s a leatherworker, painter, and nerf gun modifier.

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