KidsWB: A Retrospective

Posted By fangaea on Apr 3, 2024

KidsWB: A Retrospective


From September 1995 to May 2008, Kids WB was THE place to watch TV on Saturday Mornings. Ranging from cartoons like Animaniacs, to Jackie Chan Adventures, to Mucha Lucha; introducing timeless anime like Pokemon, Yugioh, & Cardcaptors; to weird shows lost to time like, Brats from the Lost Nebula and Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island, Kids WB influenced an entire generation of kids and adults. Grab your holiday socks, because we’re going to go through the history of Kids WB!


Daniel Laube has been an active member of the con-community for nearly 2 decades and has attended over 20 different conventions across the U.S..

Whether he is hosting gameshows like Cosplay Chess, explaining the convoluted timeline that is Kingdom Hearts, or winning championships in the Cosplay Wrestling Federation as Skeletor, Yami Yugi, or ‘American’ Goku!?, he always does what he can to make the con experience a memorable one for others!

This time he’s tackling the Saturday morning line-up that shaped that shaped many of our childhoods, KidsWB!

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