Beyond D&D: Science Fiction Tabletop for the 21st Century

Posted By fangaea on Apr 3, 2024

SFF in Gaming; and Beyond D&D: Tabletop for the 21st Century


Dungeons and Dragons is the TTRPG 800 pound gorilla. But how well does it translate to science fiction gaming? Let’s talk all the great systems out there designed just for your science fiction game—which ones are newbie friendly, which have the most interesting sourcebooks, and which are just plain fun? Bring your own books and champion your favorites!


Panelists: Gideon Marcus, Sheila Reyes

Gideon Marcus

Serling-winning and five time Hugo Finalist science fiction author Gideon Marcus has just finished Hyvilma, third book in The Kitra Saga.

Founder of Journey Press, an independent publisher focused on unusual and diverse speculative fiction, he runs the award-winning time machine project, Galactic Journey. He is a professional space historian and a lecturer at Cal State University San Marcos.


Sheila Reyes-Wicklund

Captain of the USS Sunako [San Diego Chapter] of Star Trek the Fleet. Cosplayer since 2000 and intermediate seamstress. Player and Game Master for various tabletop games, such as D&D, Gurps, Star Trek Adventures.


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