Our Team

Dennis-Michael Broussard
  • Awesomeness 100%
  • Lion Taming 15%
  • Eating Pizza 80%
  • A very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. 100%

Dennis-Michael Broussard

Director of Awesome

Dennis-Michael Broussard is a self-proclaimed awesome guy.  He is the founder of Silk Road Productions, a pretty awesome event production and management organization that has created a ton of awesome events and has been hired to produce events for some pretty awesome organizations, like the San Diego County Fair, SeaWorld, and the San Diego Padres.  In addition to Fangaea, Dennis-Michael and the Silk Road team created the Asian Cultural Festival of San Diego, the San Diego Ramen Festival, and a lot of other awesome stuff.  He also spends a lot of time volunteering and doing humanitarian missions in impoverished and developing parts of the world. He also overuses the word “awesome.”

Lauren Garces
  • Fighting Evil by Moonlight 100%
  • Winning Love by Daylight 75%
  • Never Running From a REAL FIGHT 100%
  • Random Noises 60%

Lauren Garces

Chief Inflatables Officer

Hailing from the island of Oahu, Lauren Garces finds her zen in organizing shelves and in the chaos of directing events. She is currently the Vice President/ Creative Director of Silk Road Productions – one of the leading event production companies in Southern California. When she’s not collaborating to plan the next big event, you can find her adventuring to new places to absorb the cultures and devour lots of food!

Richie Edquid
  • Coming in Under Budget 100%
  • Making Bubble Forts 83%
  • Filling Bathtubs with Questionable Content for Honorable Friends 76%
  • Cooking Something Other Than Steak or Eggs 8%

Richie Edquid

Chief Bathtub Party Engineer

The Illustrious AKA The Hype Train Conductor AKA The Oasis in the Desert of Thirst AKA The Unicorn of Your Life… otherwise known as RichAndCreamy, Richie is currently in your subculture and exploiting your memes. Fangaea is his next big thing to take San Diego to the next level. He’s rumored to have gone underground after being outcasted by having envious anime yacht parties. This *Ira Glass voice* is his return. Richie has left an impact on fandom, arts, entertainment, and cultural events in San Diego that still resonate a decade plus later, to this day. This united, inclusive, and community event that Fangaea represents is what could be his legacy for the next millennium.

Gabe Lariza
  • Going “Woooooooo” During Best Part of Song 100%
  • Memelord Activities 73%
  • Zombie Apocalypse Survivability 32%
  • Slapping The Bass 100%

Gabe Lariza

Feels Train Officer

Gabe is a bifocaled secretary / musician by day and anime connoisseur / foodie by night with a weakness for ramen. He has always had a wide array of interests through the years but anime has been the immovable constant in his life. Gabe is a big fan of Summer Wars, Your Name, Sword of The Stranger, The Ancient Magus Bride, Red Line, and Pop Team Epic. Please, don’t ever have his music on shuffle because you will get the most wild, bangin’ crazy jazz fusion arrangement or R&B track one moment, and literally NARUTO OPENING 5 the next.

Anna Nguyen
  • Wyvern Hunter 100%
  • Cosplay Magic 85%
  • Lethal 51%
  • Sociable 50%

Anna Nguyen

Support All-Star

After graduating with a BA in Psychology, Anna Nguyen has been reevaluating her life and professional development. But while sorting through life’s complications, this smol girl has invested into the passions of her hobbies such as video gaming, art, cosplaying, and anime. In addition to her 13 year background in visual arts, Anna has been cosplaying for 4 years. The top 3 games this filthy casual has been playing as of late have been Monster Hunter (Hunting Horn), League of Legends (Support), and Final Fantasy XIV (Red Mage). “Food is an excuse to have sauces.”

Lucia Tilton
  • Logistics Handler 100%
  • Chocolate Taster 100%
  • Cosplay Maven 80%
  • Capoeirista 50%

Lucia Tilton

Goddess of Movers and Shakers

As a special events consultant, Lucia Tilton is constantly making sure your world runs smoothly, and more importantly, that you are having the best time ever! Her diverse background includes art gallery event management, television public relations and engagement, corporate conference creation and execution, and athletic annual workshops, to name a few. Lucia loves volunteering as a docent at the Timken Museum of art in Balboa Park, eating all the types of chocolate ever created on the planet Earth, and cosplaying, preferably in purple or black.

Vanessa To
  • Cheese 70%
  • Gas 80%
  • Lactose Intolerance 100%
  • Math 10%

Vanessa To

Master Baker

Vanessa is a SoCal native with an endless void of interests. She’ll try anything once. She’s been getting more involved in events while simultaneously pursuing her Pathologist’s Assistant degree. She adores refracted light and can occasionally be seen flitting around fabrics bearing the colors.

Brendan MacNeil
  • Running GamerCon 100%
  • Pop Culture References 100%
  • Being Mistaken for Captain America in Real Life 80%
  • Karaoke while sober 20%

Brendan MacNeil

Master of Games

Coming from the frozen reaches of Montana, Brendan has faced dragons, demons, and endless armies of foes.  All through the fantastic hobby of gaming. He is one of the leading members of GamerConSD, creating events to bring gamers of all backgrounds together through a mutual love of gaming. If it requires dice, cards, a controller, or a computer, Brendan is down to try it once. He also does cosplays for charity and enjoys going to movies with friends.

Alicia Ricafrente
  • Marathon Eater 97%
  • Dr Who Companion 79%
  • Singing Broadway Musicals 84%
  • Disney Movie Specialist 70%

Alicia Ricafrente

Food Loving Chibi

Pro at multi-tasking, coming in 2 inches shy of 5 feet, this small but mighty lady is a marathon eater and will finish off what you can’t eat. Fighting and creating dialogue on social justice issues on the side, she can be found at most community events with Silk Road Productions. You can say that there will be some people who consider has as a real life Dr Who Companion due to weird things happening around her a lot, creating those, you have to be there to believe it moments. Ignoring her klutziness, if she’s not taking pictures with her phone or camera, with music & food to power her up, she will be nearby to solve most issues that arise at an event and help make the rest of the do go smoothly as possible.

Natasha Gemine
  • Creativity 100%
  • Sleep 100%
  • Resistance to Cold Temperatures 10%
  • Super Special Bonus Deadline Power Up 100%

Natasha Gemine

Chief Drawing Person

Lost on an Island in the middle of the Pacific, Natasha sends most of her finished creative works by bottle in the hopes that they’ll eventually reach the sunny shores of San Diego. With a pencil in her hand and a dream in her heart, her mission is to spread beauty throughout the event world through the power of love and creation. As the Chief Designer and Illustrator of the Silk Road Productions Team it is her sacred duty to ensure that everything she creates looks its very best just from a mere single glance to give the absolute best first impression. Kind of like the clothes you wear to a job interview. The one time where you actually looked like you cared about your appearance before revealing your true self. …Which is hopefully fun just like this event.

Mickey Lyle
  • Nerdiness 87%
  • Geekiness 99%
  • Stability 33%
  • Resistance to Hunger 2%

Mickey Lyle

Master of Being So Fine

Exiled from the wintry north at a young age for a dissenting opinion of the established power structure, Mickey has roamed the golden lands hungry for knowledge and opportunity. Already a jack of all trades as a result of his travels, Mickey currently trains in the darker arts of technomancy in secret circles in the area.

Alyssa Monge
  • Anime & Kdrama Watcher 67%
  • Techie & Foodie 86%
  • Dancer 12%
  • Public Health Grad Student 98%

Alyssa Monge

All-Purpose Baddie

Alyssa Monge is super cool and super clutch. As the youngest member of the team, she brings more than just her youth, she brings her special ability of knowing how to do anything even if it’s her first time doing it. As a seasoned member of Silk Road Productions, she helps make things happen the day of and can take on any role thrown at her, no preparation needed. Sometimes, we don’t know what Alyssa does but we know she does it… eventually. She is known to be casually late but makes her presence known one way or the other. When she’s not doing events or community things, she’s probably playing Stardew Valley while listening to lo-fi hip hop or going on a food adventure with her Kevin.

Clarissa Garcia
  • Succeeding on real-life charisma checks 5%
  • Cosplaying Majima Goro at any opportunity 99%
  • Confusing people with overuse of sarcasm 80%
  • Giving into merch-hoarding desires 50%

Clarissa Garcia

The Cave Memester

Not entirely sure what’s going on at any given moment, Clarissa is ready to lend a helping hand regardless! Her goal in life is to eventually cover her car in so so many tacky vinyl stickers that maybe you don’t feel embarrassed about showing a little love for your fandoms in your everyday life. Her current favorite medias are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dungeons & Dragons, the Yakuza series, the My Brother, My Brother, and Me podcast, and Osomatsu-san. If you see her on the floor, feel free to say “hewwo?”!

Steven Chung
  • Gundam-holic 100%
  • Symbol of Hope 39%
  • Awake 50%
  • Social Media Savy 0%

Steven Chung

Breaker of Mental Chains

Adding just enough pessimism and realism to the group. Steven is an avid con -goer with a love for anime culture. For him, sleep is not just a necessity, it a hobby.

Tchanavia Lastie
  • Lover of Reese’s and Orange Soda 100%
  • Knowledge of 80s Movies 50%
  • Funko Pop Collector 90%
  • Binger of TV Shows 75%

Tchanavia Lastie

Taker of the Pictures

Tchanavia is a somewhat elusive girl from the south with a love for all things geeky. When she is not geeking out over new Funko Pops or Doctor Who episodes, she spends her time exploring and taking pictures of her adventures. If you want to lure her out, just leave out some Reese’s and orange soda and she will likely appear.


Charlie Mickey Kowai
  • Chaos Aligned 70%
  • SHSL Lucky 25%
  • Time wasted planning future cosplays 5%
  • Love for Goro Akechi 100%

Charlie Mickey Kowai


Charlie Mickey Kowai is a 20 year old former (recovering) NEET and actually considers his Goro Akechi apologetics a defining character trait. Charlie loves the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona series with a passion.  Charlie also cosplays and has run cosplay gatherings, groups, and volunteered for other conventions in the past prior to Fangaea. Other media interests include Revolutionary Girl Utena, Danganronpa, and Vocaloid/UTAU.


Jeremy Howard
  • Food finding 100%
  • Underwater breathing 80%
  • Staying within food budget -30%
  • Life saving skills 150%

Jeremy Howard

Patron Saint of Chicken Wings and Master Apothecary

Jeremy has scoured the land far and wide looking for tasty morsels for his fellow companions. No stranger to danger, Jeremy has walked uphill, both ways, in a blizzard during 110 degree heat to bring the finest vittles to his patrons. Jeremy also serves as the chief medical officer of his party, providing life saving skills in order to ensure his companions stay alive long enough to eat more of the tasty food he finds. His motto: “You can stop eating when you’re dead, but who said I’d let you die?”

Vincent Edquid

Vincent Edquid

Disaster Prevention Guru

Vince is awesome