Welcome to Fangaea!


You are invited to be a part of the newest Fandom Convention where you can “Live Your Fantasy!“- Fangaea!

Fangaea (fan-JEE-uh) is a multi-faceted, action-packed, fandom event that will feature Table Top and Video Games, Anime, Steam Punk, Cosplay, Technology, Fun Panels, Model Building and so much more!  Fangaea is Where Fandoms Join Forces for Fun!

Our mission is to have an all-inclusive convention that includes all facets of the nerd, geek, and pop-culture community to come together and celebrate our combined interests in one fun and immersive event. Our fun-filled event will be accessible to all and allow the different fandoms to reach out to new fans and create an exciting opportunity to share their interests with each other.  Check out our awesome promo video, courtesy of Anorak Productions.


So do not miss this FANtastic experience of what will be the newest and most exciting event of the fall! Worlds will be colliding for this first-time ever event on September 22 and 23, 2018 at the Town & Country Resort in San Diego; so expect an extraordinary experience featuring a profusion of panels ranging from breaking into industry and hands on DIY, to a special cerebral line up of esoteric panel discussions.

Get fully immersed in this experience which will include gaming tournaments, cosplay fashion shows, musicians and special cultural performances, vendors, unique apparel, fandom merchandise, and other special surprises!  It will be like watching a bad guy getting punched by your favorite superhero!

The Fangaea concept started in late 2016 as just an idea between a few friends who are big fans of subcultures and the cons that go with them.  After being bitten by a radioactive bat-spider, the idea began to turn into reality when more friends got interested in being a part of making something great and fun for fans of all different worlds.

“Let’s bring all the different worlds together,” like a super-continent of fandoms…and so Fangaea was born.

Our Fangaea committee is made up of sarcastic, optimistic, fun-loving, joke-cracking fans who are nerds, geeks, gamers, cosplayers, movie lovers, and more, and who love immersing ourselves into experiences and we want to do that for others in a funtastic, all-inclusive event.  Meet our team here by clicking here – and then we want to meet you, too!

Stay tuned as we share more fun – keep checking back at www.fangaea.us and www.facebook.com/fangaeacon

Our Fangaea mascot, Gaia, is above, superhero-ing her way to our event on September 22 and 23 at the Town & Country Resort.  Designed by Natasha Gemine, our very own superhero graphic designer!