Featured Artists

Posted on Mar 26, 2018

Featured Artists

2018 Featured Artists


The Fangaea Featured Artists will include contemporary style and multi-media installations from local and regional artists.  We will have a great selection of Anime art, too!  You will be able to find the Featured Artists in the Garden Salon at Fangaea!

See our Featured Artists below.  Scroll under the gallery to get linked to them directly!


Featured Artist Directory

ArtificiallyAwakeArt  www.etsy.com/shop/ArtificiallyAwakeArt
Catacorn  www.catacorn.com
ChrisTerryDraws  www.Instagram.com/ChrisTerryDraws
Coby’s Lines  www.instagram.com/cobyslines
Comicbookvillain.  www.comicbookvillain.net
Cool Cat Blue  www.coolcatblue.com
Cute Comet  www.kelseesi.tumblr.com/
Ghostlygoods  www.instagram.com/jaxarts/
Hooksnfangs  www.hooksnfangs.com
Kichi Art  www.Kichiart.com
Lene  www.myleneaslarona.etsy.com
Lunar Spelunker  www.instagram.com/lunarspelunker
MicheleDraws  www.mdraws.net
Random Sunshine  www.etsy.com/shop/randomsundries
RebekahDayDraws  www.instagram.com/rebekahdaydraws
Royally Divine  www.instagram.com/royallydivine
SimplyWitches  www.instagram.com/simplywitches
Sinai Wright Art  www.sinaiwrightart.storenvy.com
The Horchata Crew  www.thehorchatacrew.tumblr.com
Treaharts  www.twitter.com/treaharts